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Oh, hi everyone. I'm Emerald.
Welcome to the anime reviews.

Blue Seed

Blue Seed is a 26 episode tv series. It is based on the manga by Yuzo Takada, who also created 3x3 Eyes. Momiji is an ordinary highschool girl who lives in Izumo until a large plant monster shows up and tries to kill her. She is saved by Kusanagi, a man who is part human part aragami. Turns out Momiji is the Kushinada, a girl whose death would destroy the aragami. The aragami are plant monsters that look really weird. The aragami have found a way to kill Momiji without being destroyed. The TAC, a government agency, and Kusanagi are in charge of  protecting Momiji and destroying the aragami  at the same time. Does this sound confusing? It's not confusing once you see the series. Blue Seed is mainly a comedy, but it still has action, drama, and some weird romance. The music is good. I like the dubbed version better than the subbed, probably because I saw the dubbed version first. The only problem with the dubbed version is that they sometimes misspronounce japanese words. This is one of my favorite anime series and was one of the first ones I ever saw. Oh yeah, a blue seed is called a mitama. A mitama is where an aragami's soul resides. There is a 3 episode ova sequal called Blue Seed 2 but its only available through fansubs. Hopefully I'll get it at the convention this summer. Blue Seed is available on 4 dvds or 13 videos.


This hour long ova is funny in an odd sort of way. The main characters, Dee and Ryo, are really nice to look at. They are NY police detectives who go on vacation in England. The first day there, they find a dead body floating in the lake. Whoo. The dead woman was Japanese; apparently japanese people have been turning up missing or dead in that area for a while now. This is bad for Ryo because he's half japanese. Anyway, Dee is now concentrating on being alone with Ryo at the hotel and getting Ryo into bed with him. Dee's one persistant idiot, I'll admit. He winds up getting drunk and much horny hilarity begins. Can Dee score with Ryo and sold the murder case at the same time? Everytime they start to kiss, Dee turns it into a french kiss and everytime the animation makes his tongue look like a big slug. Ewww.... The music was good, the plot okay, and overall this is one of my favorite ovas. Unfortunately the dvd has no extras and the dub is sorta crappy. Then again, I've always preferred subtitled except when it comes to Slayers.

Slayers: 1st movie

Slayers was funny. This movie was very good except for a few flaws: crappy dubbing and the fact that the video was messed up(my fault for dropping it). In the movie, Lina and Naga go to some hotspring. While there Lina winds up goimg back in time and saving a bunch of elves from getting murdered. Like all Slayers movies/t.v. series/books/comics this one was big on comedy, medium on plot, and had good music. I plan on seeing the subtitled version once I buy the dvd. I semi-hated Lina's voice. She sounded like the dubbed voice of Aisha Clan-Clan(Outlaw Star) whenever she cast a spell. I have come to some conclusions after seeing this movie: 1)A.D.V. needs to get better voice actors 2)A.D.V.  sucks except for its Blue Seed, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Sorcerer Hunters releases 3) DVDs are much better than videos.(This review was written just after I stopped buying videos and began buying dvds)


Dragoon basically sucked. The only things I liked about it was the cute prince, Lain. The tape was roughly 90 minutes long, contained 3 episodes, and basically had no actual plot. During the whole video Sedon and Mae(the hero and his girlfriend) run around while being chased by soldiers in crappy looking armor. The soldiers are after Mae. Mae has no idea why they are after her. She lost her memory. Anyway, Sedon, Mae, Millie(Sedon's annoying little sister), Lain, Lillith(slutty-looking sorceress), and Bub(Lillith's sidekick) spend half of the tape running around the town. They get chased by soldiers, say as many corny lines as possible, and steal a plane. There is no actual conclusion, just everyone escaping on the stolen plane. I still don't understand what the Dragoon actually is. Any guys who are reading this review will be happy to know that Mae is completely nekkid for 45% of Dragoon. I wish the guys ran around nekkid instead of her. Oh, well. At least the music was good.

Dragon Half

Dragon Half is about a girl named Mink. Like every other teenaged girl in her country, she is in love with the dragon-slaying jpop idol Dick Saucer. One little problem: Mink is half human half dragon. The 2 episode ova begins with the king coming up with some plan to kill Mink's father. The king(I can't remember his name) wants to kill Mink's dad just because Mink's dad was supossed to kill the red dragon, but married her instead. I think that's a stupid reason for a murder plan. For some reason, the king has some sorcerer try to kidnap Mink. The plan fails, and Mink & her friends go to the city to try to get into a Dick Saucer concert. The king tries to capture Mink again, Mink makes a bunch of enemies, more shit happens, etc. You want a complete summery, look for one. I don't have time to write one out for you. Amazingly, the dubbed voices are less annoying than the ones in previous animes dubbed by ADV. The characters are constantly in superdeformed mode. All the characters were funny, even Dick Saucer. The guy has an ego the size of china. Thru out the whole video, all Saucer does is sing that damn "Saucer" song and try to kill Mink. The ending theme song is very wierd. The song writers must have been stoned when they came up with "My Omelette". The song is sung by Mink's japanese voice actor(I think. I'm not sure) and is all about eggs and beer. The girl can't sing. The dubbed version was funnier than the subbed version in my opinion.

Sorcerer Hunters
(Bakuretsu Hunters)

Sorcerer Hunters is a very bizaar 26 episode tv series. The main characters are Carrot Glace, Marron Glace, Tira Misu, Chocolate Misu, and Gateau Mocha. They fight against the opressive sorcerers on the Spooner continent. They are employed by the goddess Big Mama. The main villian is Zaha Torte and he wants to destroy the world and rebuild it again. To do so he needs the destructive power that sleeps inside Carrot. Carrot is a horny guy who constantly chases girls around. Marron is his quiet younger brother who is a mage. Tira and Chocolate are dominatrix wannabes who have both fallen in love with Carrot. Gateau is a big muscle man who wants to sleep with Marron.  This weird show is a comedy with a little bit of drama mixed in. The dubbed version is pure crap. The music is okay but the opening them grates on my nerves if I hear it too much. Marron is my favorite character. I don't like Big Mama because she pisses me off. Sorcerer Hunters is available on 4 dvds or 11 videos. The comics are better but the show is still good. There is also an ova series, but its only available through fansubs. I'm not sure how many episodes the ova has.

Ah! My Goddess! the movie

This movie was okay. It has a really stupid plot. The only good stuff was the animation, the music, and some of the jokes. There weren't many jokes. Anyway, Belldandy's mentor wants to remake the world and stuff. He causes Belldandy to lose all memory of Keiichi and her life with Keiichi on earth. Now Keiichi, Urd, and Skuld have to help Belldandy get her memory back and save the world all at once.  This movie is only worth watching if you've seen the ovas or read the manga because they don't have any exposition explaining how the goddesses came to live with Keiichi, so any nonfans would be very confussed.


Akira. Cyberpunk action extraordinare. My favorite movie and manga. Akira kicks ass. The plot is really hard to describe yet easy to understand. All I can say is go buy/rent it. I got so pissed of at this guy in my Japanese class who told me that Akira is overrated. Dumbass. Akira is one of the classics! I have a mini akira shrine in my room(not the worshipping god-type shrine. A fandom shrine) that is made up of posters, dvds, soundtrack, manga, and magazines all about Akira. Akira is cool. It has great plot, lotsa action, not very gory(3x3 Eyes was gorier), freaky music(freaky in a good way) and excelent seiyuu(voice actors). Go buy or rent Akira. I command you.

3x3 Eyes

3x3 eyes.... one of my favorite series. Pai is a sanjiyan, a mythical 3 eyed immortal. She wants to become human. So she gets Yakumo, a highschooler in Tokyo, to help her find the ningen no zou. The ningen no zou(statue of humanity) will make her become human. Unfortunately, before they can go looking for it, Pai's pet monster, Takuhi, kills Yakumo. Pai "swallows his soul" to keep him alive. Basically, his soul combined with hers, turning Yakumo into a living zombie. Good things about it: good plot, lotsa action, mystical spells, cool music, and Yakumo: the immortal hottie who always gets the crap beat out of him. I'm not kidding. Poor ol' Yakumo not only gets beat up, he gets beheaded, run over by a bus, thrown out of multiple skyscrapers, has his hand chopped off, gets his nose broken, has a bridge fall on him, and many other gory things. Bad stuff: I liked the streamline dub better than the pioneer version.

Tenchi Forever
(Tenchi Muyo in Love 2)

This movie was excellent. The animation was better than usual and the storyline was good. Tenchi has a fight with Ryoko and Ayeka. After the fight, he goes for a walk in the woods. He comes across a giant tree. A transparent nekkid girl calls his name, sorta hypnotises him, and pulls him into a parralel world. Ryoko and Ayeka go looking for him and find him in Tokyo 6 months after he first disappeared. He's a couple years older, has long hair, & living with Haruna(the transparent girl in the tree) and can't see or hear Ryoko and Ayeka. Ryoko and Ayeka have to find a way to get him out of Haruna's dreamworld before he disappears forever. The ending was good but still doesn't tell you who Tenchi will end up with, Ryoko or Ayeka, if either. Of course I think he should end up with Ryoko.

Princess Rouge: Legend of the Last Labyrinth

This 2 episode ova was good; despite the fact that, much like Dragoon, there is no actual conclusion. Yusuke is riding his bike home to school when a girl falls out of a hole in the sky. Naturally, she lands on Yusuke. The girl is Princess Rouge. She has amnesia and can't remember anything but her name. Yusuke lets her live with him till she gets her memory back. Ofcourse, they fall in love. Big surprise there. Rouge gets kidnapped by a slutty angel-demon-thingie and Yusuke gets interogated by Rouge's sisters, Meige and Kaige. Turns out Rouge is a princess of the underworld. Her parents were killed in a civil war and her sisters want her to regain her memory so they can return to the underworld to avenge their parents. Yusuke and the girls save Rouge, kill Kaige's old boyfriend, and the girls move into Yusuke's small house. Rouge still has amnesia at the end of the 2nd episode. As I said before, no real conclusion. The music was good and there was a lot of comedy. Like when Rouge cooks for the first time and Rouge's first trip to the mall.