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Entry #1 4/29/2001

I just got home from work, and I'm really depressed. I don't know exactly why I'm depressed. It's a lot of things put together. I get like this every couple of months. My job is a warzone: me and my friends are pissed at some of our coworkers. I tried to add a guestbook to my site, but it didn't work. I'm currently single(I don't wanna be single, and the guy I like doesn't know I'm alive) and am surrounded by happy couples at work. People insult me all the time, I cuss them out because of it, that starts a war, blah blah blah, they insult me again, the cycle continues. My family pisses the hell outa me and I feel worthless. But don't worry, I'll be back to my usual bitchy(but not depressed) self soon. Maybe I'll be better tomorrow, once I go shopping(I got paid tonight).

Entry #2 5/30/2001

I actually left the house today! Maybe I'm starting to no longer be a hermit. Nah. That'll never happen. I left the house to go see a movie. Said movie being Shrek. Unfortunately, four of the people coming with me to the movie canceled today. I liked the movie. Probably would've liked it better had the couple with all the screaming brats not been sitting behind me. Today was a good day, except for this morning. I woke up to find a little spider on the ceiling above me. I HATE spiders. I screamed, got up and tried to squish it. I missed, screamed some more, the spider crawled onto the window curtains. I tried to kill it again, it got away, I eventually stopped screaming, and I haven't entered my room since then except to change my clothes. I fear all spiders. Well, all but tarantulas. Those are cool.

Pyromania is fun. Trust me on this. I'm a former pyro with the burn scars to prove it.

Pengens! Yeah!! Everyone needs pengens.