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I won't tell you anything about how old I am, where I live, or any crap like that.
(Sorry, stalkers, murderers, and psychos!)

My online name is Chibiryoko2001. Some of my friends call me Lita. My classmates call me hyena(cause I laugh like one and I'm always laughing). I like music. Mainly rock, metal, jpop, and alternative. I love anime. I'm very weird, have a warped sense of humor, and I'm a *little* hyper and crazy. I don't put up with crap from anyone. I have no problem with you unless you piss me off. I'm usually nocturnal except during the months when I'm at school, and I'm a spoiled only child.

Give me food or get the hell outta my way.

This is what I look like in the morning. Scary, aren't I?

Stop staring at me before I sic the demons on you.

I look kinda like this. Except I don't wear glasses.